Care Instructions and Color Matching

Congratulations on getting the hair of your dreams! Veronica Gomes hair extensions are a luxurious product that I have developed to help women create the hair of their dreams in a quick and simple way. You can now have longer and thicker hair that you’ve always wanted!

Color Matching

• Try to get as close to your natural color as possible; if you are between two colors, then go for the lighter shade
• If necessary, get a professional hairstylist to custom color your extensions for you; in order to blend with your natural hair, your new set of hair extensions must be cut by a professional hairstylist who is familiar with cutting extensions

Application (Applicable to Clip-In Extensions Only)

• Start your first section from the nape of your neck and move up; gently tease the roots of each section
• Feel free to use hairspray, dry shampoo, or texturizing spray on the roots for extra hold; attach the clips to your teased roots and secure
• Avoid any areas where your hair tends to part; use all the pieces at once or just a few
• Create the hair of your dreams!


• Hair extensions are delicate, so always handle with care; shampoo and condition without scrubbing or bunching
• Gently brush out all the knots, then lay flat to dry; if hot tools are necessary, then always use a heat protectant
• Enjoy your fabulous new hair!